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We hope that you will find the members of our online community to be a valuable resource as we work together toward training more people in the lifesaving skills of CPR, first aid, and emergency cardiovascular care. We are grateful of our network of dedicated Instructors for educating healthcare providers, caregivers, and the general public on how to respond to cardiac arrest and first aid emergencies.

You can connect with other active AHA Instructors on the Community. It is meant to be a fun and engaging resource where members are encouraged to ask questions and share ideas about their experiences as an AHA Instructor. We do, however, operate by a set of Community Guidelines. These guidelines are designed to ensure the experience in the Instructor Community is an enjoyable, beneficial, and productive one for all our users. They boil down to common sense, basic courtesy, respect, and not using the site for spamming.

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    We’re glad you’re here! It’s our hope that you will be empowered and encouraged through learning and connecting with others in the Community. Get to know others here and build your network with other members of the Training Network. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or give honest advice—even laugh or joke sometimes!
  6. We're here to help
    The Community Manager works diligently to maintain this Instructor Community to ensure all questions are answered, and we seek your assistance in helping us.

    For additional help with the Instructor Community, please email ahaic@heart.org or reach out to the Community Manager.